Cooking Norway Style (DVD)

By Astrid Karlsen Scott

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Christmas in Norway is synonymous with delectable traditional foods. Come with Astrid as she brings you back to Norway to share her homeland’s traditional foods. It is filmed at Tine (The Norwegian Dairy Association) in Oslo, and at Fossheim Hotel’s famous julebord. This video teaches you how to prepare many dishes the Norwegians consider vital to their Christmas. For example: Christmas Bread (Julekake) Sour Cream Porridge (Rømmegrøt ), Rice Porridge (Risgrøt), Rice Cream (Riskrem), Caramel Pudding (Karamellpudding) , Various Herring Dishes, (Silderetter), Lutefish (Lutefisk) and more.

(Recipes included. 55 minutes.)

Also Winner of the Award of Excellence, Film Advisory Board, Hollywood, CA


FILM ADVISORY BOARD, INC. is pleased to announce its reviewing committee has voted its AWARD OF EXCELLENCE to the two DVD’s “CHRISTMAS IN NORWAY” and “COOKING NORWAY STYLE”. In making the announcement of the awards, FILM ADVISORY BOARD, INC.’s president and founder, Elayne Blythe remarked of “CHRISTMAS IN NORWAY”, ‘Charming, educational and entertaining, with scenery as beautiful as a brilliant painting.’ and of “COOKING NORWAY STYLE” Scrumptious recipes. It will make your taste buds dance. Both DVD’s would make delightful additions to any home, school or public library. Praise to Astrid Karlsen Scott, Producer/Director, for bringing these wonderful DVD’s to light.’ You are to be commended for putting out such a heart-warming DVD.

Katherine B Tillman, Austin , TX

We want to sincerely thank you for being a part of the Smithsonian and for presenting such a quality program on Norway. You made the workshop very special and so much fun, from the DVD segments on the nisse, (Christmas Elf) to the craft projects, to the delightful songs around the tree, to the visiting nisse at the end the day. It was a pleasure to have you share your knowledge and experience of Christmas time in Norway with us.

Averi Levitt, Program Coordinator The Smithsonian Associates

I just want to say we enjoyed the, Christmas in Norway tape so much. You folks outdid yourself on this one. It was just great.

Glenn Graves, Carlisle, MA

love Cooking Norway Style. The wonderful recipes brings back memories if my wonderful grandmother. I have looked for recipes like she used to make, and now I have them. I am ecstatic.
Thank you sincerely,

Eva Tanberger, Newton, MA

You have created a masterpiece. I watched Christmas in Norway with two of my colleagues here, and I noticed that they wee charmed, moved and amused as the segments were presented. You had filmed a great variety of activities-I am sure- intended emphasis on that which is good and traditional. We all left the room feeling we now have an excellent Christmas program to recommend to our members, one which will edify and give joy.

Liv Dahl, Manager Heritage Programs, Sons of Norway