In The Shadow Of The Gestapo

By Astrid Karlsen Scott


Gunvald Tomstad, a young farmer from Flekkefjord, Norway, is a pacifist at the beginning of World War II. During the German occupation he witnesses tortures and executions -- he is compelled to fight!

Gunvald joins the Norwegian Nazi Party, ascends to leadership within the party and earns the complete confidence of the Nazis and the Gestapo.

Only a few know of his true mission, that of a double spy. His home becomes a gathering place for the Gestapo and the Nazis. They do not know that their secrets are being transmitted by radio from a little loft in Gunvald's farm house. The radio sends information that lets London know about the ship traffic, military concentrations and helps destroy one of the world's largest battle ships, Bismarck.

The tale of this double agent is a human drama unparalleled in Norwegian WWII history.


What a frightening story. It made me so scared I had to put it down. Then the next day I went back to it. The courage of the double agent Gunvald Tomstad was amazing.

Astrid Grondahl, San Francisco, CA

I just finished reading In the Shadow of the Gestapo. It was breathtaking, a real page-turner. Thank you for doing all your research.

Sylvia Stangen, Bergen Norway

You have done it again. I simply could not put it down. Keep those stories coming, please.

Per Olsen, Portland, OR

I just finished reading In the Shadow of the Gestapo. A more exciting book will be hard to find. I will recommend it to all my friends. Thank you!

Tom Hasen, Philadelphia, PA