Silent Patriot

By Astrid Karlsen Scott


When the German invaders attacked northern Norway in 1940, the 18-year-old Hugo Munthe-Kaas became the youngest recruit in the brutal campaign.

An assignment in the underground followed before the British Intelligence Service snatched him up as a Secret Agent.

Grueling commando training ensued in England after which Hugo was sent back to Norway on several secret missions. He set up an undercover network of coastal radio operators. He crossed the Atlantic in a fishing vessel, in an amphibian plane, transport planes, and in the bomb cradle of a British Mosquito aircraft. Four times he crossed the Atlantic in a submarine, once with 60 tons of provisions for his agents. He rescued four sailors left behind in Norway, and participatad in a near fatal "Seek and Destroy" mission. he served on an MTB boat during the invasion of Normandy, and later nearly lost his life over the Atlantic. In 1944 he parachuted into Vassfaret to help set up guerilla bases to train underground Milorg men for the last battle against Hitler's army in Norway.

In 1943, King Haakon VII decorated the 21-year-old Hugo with the War Cross with Sword, Norway's highest medal for exceptional contribution in war. Great Britain honored him with their Distinguished Service Medal (DSM) the highest medal given to non-commissioned officers, and France presented him with their Legion of Honor and the War Cross.

Hugo's story deserves a place of honor in every WWII library.


Let me congratulate you on a great book. It is just fantastic. That is what I call a page turner.

Per Asebo, Lincoln, CA

The finest Norwegian WWII history book ever written.

V. Ryse, Minot, ND

Your book is extraordinary. You cannot put it down.

Virgil Rude, Minot, ND

I read your book in a day as I could not put it down. Hurray for such a hero.

Einar Karlsen, Oslo, Norway

I have just finished reading your book. It is one of those books that you can hardly put down once you start reading. It is well written. The account tells me how thorough your research has been. I admire you for starting this project and seeing it to completion.

Torbjorg Aas, Bremerton, WA

Silent Patriot is one of the best books I have ever read. I could not put it down. Thank you for taking the time to do the research and to write it.

George Jones, Atlanta, Georgia

I do not read much but my wife insisted that I should read Silent Patriot. What a courageous young man! I read the book in three days. Thank you for writing such a thriller.

James Courtier, San Francisco, CA