Yes, We Love This Land

By Astrid Karlsen Scott


Norway is alive! From the towering mountains to the fjords, from the peaceful valleys to the ocean, from the bustling cities to the countryside; as with the land, so with the people - rugged yet mild, strong yet tender, proud yet modest.

Norway's spectacular fjords twist and turn from the sea for miles. Some days the violent sea thunders against the rockbound coast, while other days it laps lazily onto the rocky shore.

Norway is the daring fishermen, who carve out their existence by daily struggle with extreme cold, rough seas, even death.

Norway is the humble farmer with toil-worn hands, clearing the rocky land and daunting mountains, planting and harvesting for the long, unrelenting winter

Norway is seterjenta, the dairymaid, at the mountain summit milking goats and cows, churning butter and making cheese for the dark wintry months ahead.

Norway is exhilarating winter: ice-skating, skiing, sledding; and the thrill of the snow sparkling like diamonds and crackling underfoot.

Norway is the cheerful warbling of the homecoming siskin, cuckoo, thrush and lark, and the eager watch for gaselabber, pussy willows, to open in the spring.

Norway is the delight of the blaveis, blue anemones, bravely poking their tiny heads through the snow and daring the wintry days to flee. And...

Norway is adventures and tales of folklore.