Little House on the Fjord

By Astrid Karlsen Scott

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This true, heartwarming story takes the reader back more than half a century to the post-war years of WWII in Norway.

Pappa Karlsen has accepted a job as a caretaker on an island in the outermost parts of the Oslofjord. On a beautiful summer's day he, with Mamma and their four children (later little Gro arrived), move with their few belongings from their little cottage in Fjeldstrand to the island of Kollen on a fishing vessel.

The story centers around the bubbly Tulla and her more reserved older sister, 12 year old Eva. Through their different personalities test their ability to co-exist, the girls truly love each other and when crises arise, they react individually, then unite and move forward.

The small island is replete with endless opportunities for the delighted children to explore its rough terrain and rockbound beaches. Before the winter storms begin the family maintains a small garden, build a barn and cages for the animals, sheep, goats, mink and chickens they acquire and transport from the mainland in their wobbly boats.

In their struggle for survival this loving family laugh and cry together, they share traditions, exuberant moments of happiness, and difficult trials of which they have many.

Little House on the Fjord is a lovingly written story about a strong Norwegian family and how its members react to the different situations and each other, with affection and respect, giving you confidence that this family will be able to handle whatever comes along.

A must read for all!


Thank you so much for writing Little House on the Fjord. My husband and I have read a chapter each night and we just finished it last night, and it made me rather sad that it ended. You are such an excellent writer. I felt that I was right there feeling your emotions.

Sherri Johnson, Austin Texas

I have read the book, Little House on the Fjord to my five-year old granddaughter. She loved it, and she keeps begging me to read it again. I am so grateful to you for showing us the way of life and traditions in Norway.

Solveig Hansen, Baltimore, MD

My sister and I read Little House on the Fjord together. We love Tulla and her sister Eva. Will you please write another book and tell us more.

Jane Halvorseon, Missoula, MT

I loved your book, Little House on the Fjord. I am nine years old and I wish I could live on an island like you did.

Peter Jones, Beaverton, OR