Christmas in Norway (DVD)

By Astrid Karlsen Scott

$ 20.00

Astrid takes you on an unforgettable Christmas tour of Norway. Delight the legendary warmth of the Norwegians as they share their julekos (Christmas coziness) in their homes. Enjoy an advent afternoon on a seter (mountain farm) with the famous Norwegian Chef, Arne Brimi and lutefish at the beautiful Continental Hotel in Oslo. Meet the mischievous nisse, (Christmas Elf) and participate in sleigh rides, Christmas Festivals and singing around the tree. Participate in the re-enactment of a Christmas Eve in Lillesand in the 1800’s. Then thrill to the world famous angelic voices of the Nidaros boys choir. Yes, come to Norway and fill your senses with a Norwegian Christmas.

(One Hour)

Winner of the Award of Excellence from the Film Advisory Board, Hollywood, CA.


We watched Christmas in Norway last evening and it is truly an outstanding creation. The manner in which the customs and traditions of Christmas in Norway was presented shows that you are very extraordinary director. My wife also owns your excellent cookbook, Authentic Norwegian Cooking.

Richard A. Williams, MD, Los Angeles, CA

Just watched your beautiful tape, Christmas in Norway, which I borrowed from, Sons of Norway. I want to buy a copy so my children and grandchildren can share this at holiday time. I want to watch it many more times.

Elsa Dickersen, Bremerton, WA

Just a note to tell you how much we enjoyed your Christmas in Norway tape. We watched it last night for a second time savoring it even more if that is possible. Coverage is excellent on all phases –the country, the people, customs and traditions.

Myrtle Dwyer, Astoria, OR

The customs of the Christmas in Norway DVD was absolutely beautiful. I have watched it 17 times already!

Mary Fjellhammer, Fountain Valley, CA

Thank you for the two DVD’s Christmas in Norway and Cooking Norway Style. I am convinced that they will contribute in our work to make Norway known in this part of the United States.

Anfin Ullern, Consul General - Minneapolis, MN

I have enjoyed reading your beautiful cookbook, Authentic Norwegian Cooking. It is very informative and, by the way, I am making ribbe this afternoon, following your recipe very carefully. We have seen Christmas in Norway, which is a wonderful DVD, and I am impressed how it was a cross-section of Christmas celebrations in Norway. May I congratulate you on a perfect creation.

Hans R. Wilhelmsen, M.D., Baltimore, MD

I received the DVD’s, Christmas in Norway and Cooking Norway Style. They are charming and informative… very full of warmth and good living, they capture Norway at its best.

Inger Stover, Atlanta, Georgia