Book Reviews

In the Shadow of the Gestapo

What a frightening story. It made me so scared I had to put it down. Then the next day I went back to it. The courage of the double agent Gunvald Tomstad was amazing.

Astrid Grondahl, San Francisco, CA

I just finished reading In the Shadow of the Gestapo. It was breathtaking, a real page-turner. Thank you for doing all your research.

Sylvia Stangen, Bergen Norway

You have done it again. I simply could not put it down. Keep those stories coming, please.

Per Olsen, Portland, OR

I just finished reading In the Shadow of the Gestapo. A more exciting book will be hard to find. I will recommend it to all my friends. Thank you!

Tom Hasen, Philadelphia, PA
Defiant Courage

My colleagues and I have read Defiant Courage with great interest, and they join me in congratulating you and your co-author Dr. Tore Haug. We have been impressed with the way you make this truly remarkable story come alive, focusing not only on Jan Baalsrud, but showing the quiet courage and determination of his many helpers.

Jan Gerhard Lassen, Deputy Director General, Royal Ministry of Foreign Ministry - Oslo, Norway

For the first time, this book, though devoted to Jan’s incredible story, brings long overdue recognition to the Norwegians who displayed the highest courage in helping Jan, for it was their lives and the lives of their families that they were placing in mortal danger. For myself, I think the strongest impression the book leaves with me is of a unique story told in stark but sympathetic language, extremely well suited to the terrible, incredible events which it unfolds.

James W. Irving, Shetland (UK) Times

A welcome and much appreciated contribution to the growing library of World War II memoirs and eye-witness accounts. Defiant Courage is a compelling story of courage and triumph against incredible odds, and set against the backdrop of the war that was to forever change the world.

James A. Cox, Editor in Chief, The Midwest Book Review

This book is intense and exciting. A better thriller from real life will be hard to find.

Bjorn H. Larssen, Nordlys, Tromso, Norway

This book is one of the most correct books written about WWII in Norway. I have never read such a book about the war in Norway by Norwegian authors.

Kjell Fjortoft, Tromso Newspaper, Norway

I bought your wonderful book “Defiant Courage” and I couldn’t put it down. It is beautifully written. I particularly liked the pictures and maps. They gave a keen perspective of what that courageous good man accomplished.

Leo D. Hymas, Cleveland, Ohio

I read Defiant Courage in the course of two days and literally could not put it down. It went with me to the office where I could read a quick page or two between seeing patients. This is one of the most exciting and engaging narratives I have ever read. Particularly moving was your focus on the courageous people who helped Jan Baalsrud. Baalsrud’s will and stamina during the flight, your sensitive portrayal of his many benefactors reveals the truth of his own assessment that the Norwegian people, not Baalsrud alone are the real heroes. Thank you for producing such a touching yet exciting work. I hope it will become a best seller.

Charles E. Lear, M.D., Denver, Co

Sensational! Jan Baalsrud’s fight against the elements and his tormented and decaying body will, I believe, remain a moving document of heroic resistance against the evils perpetrated during WWII. Showing how he overcame, “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.”

(Hamlet) T.M. Ween, Geneva, Switzerland
Silent Patriot

Let me congratulate you on a great book. It is just fantastic. That is what I call a page turner.

Per Asebo, Lincoln, CA

The finest Norwegian WWII history book ever written.

V. Ryse, Minot, ND

Your book is extraordinary. You cannot put it down.

Virgil Rude, Minot, ND

I read your book in a day as I could not put it down. Hurray for such a hero.

Einar Karlsen, Oslo, Norway

I have just finished reading your book. It is one of those books that you can hardly put down once you start reading. It is well written. The account tells me how thorough your research has been. I admire you for starting this project and seeing it to completion.

Torbjorg Aas, Bremerton, WA

Silent Patriot is one of the best books I have ever read. I could not put it down. Thank you for taking the time to do the research and to write it.

George Jones, Atlanta, Georgia

I do not read much but my wife insisted that I should read Silent Patriot. What a courageous young man! I read the book in three days. Thank you for writing such a thriller.

James Courtier, San Francisco, CA
Authentic Norwegian Cooking

Your book, Authentic Norwegian Cooking, is magnificent. I am powerfully impressed with both the comprehensive contents and the information about Norwegian food culture, good recipes, lavish pictures, and attractive layout. This is a brilliant piece of marketing for Norway.

Ingrid Hovig Espelid Norway’s TV Chef, - known as “Norway’s Julia Child”

Authentic Norwegian Cooking is sure to become the bible for Norwegian cuisine on this continent. The cookbook is easy to use with lots of practical advice and it has more that 300 traditional recipes.

Scandinavian Press, Canada

Authentic Norwegian Cooking brings back many memories of Norway – I love having all of the Norwegian words, and the notes, and those marvelously familiar dishes. We were in Oslo in 1956 for two very happy years. I just adored every minute – people were lovely, and it was a wonderful place to live. Having your book brings it all back to me, and I am happy to have it, and shall always enjoy it.

Julia Child,

Astrid has compiled more that three hundred wonderful recipes showcasing Norway’s culinary history. Authentic Norwegian Cooking truly lives up to its title and would make a welcome addition to any kitchen multicultural and ethnic cookbook collection!

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, The Midwest Book Review

You are unbelievable! The information you have gathered is unequaled here in America. Your knowledge and love for the Norwegian Heritage inspires us all. Do you ever sleep? Your Authentic Norwegian Cooking and Christmas books are a treasure.

Kari Johannessen, Boston, MA

Your book is a jewel! I have read your pages with much nostalgia wishing my mother were still alive to enjoy it with me. I am so happy to be the proud owner of such a treasure. It is a treasure. I love Authentic Norwegian Cooking!

Patricia Erickson, Denver CO

Authentic Norwegian Cooking is a work of love and dedication. The collection of good staple dishes impr4essively mixes with a spectacular party collection of fancy recipes for special occasions when the feast must be for the eyes as well as the tastes of the lucky diners. When the lucky owner of this book uses its superb recipes, that user also acquires bits and pieces of the history and culture of Norway.

Western Viking, Seattle, WA

Authentic Norwegian Cooking is a jewel! I have read your pages with much nostalgia wishing my mother were still alive to enjoy it with me. I am so happy to be the proud owner of such a treasure. And it is a treasure. I love Authentic Norwegian Cooking!

Patricia Erickson, Denver CO
Little House on the Fjord

Thank you so much for writing Little House on the Fjord. My husband and I have read a chapter each night and we just finished it last night, and it made me rather sad that it ended. You are such an excellent writer. I felt that I was right there feeling your emotions.

Sherri Johnson, Austin Texas

I have read the book, Little House on the Fjord to my five-year old granddaughter. She loved it, and she keeps begging me to read it again. I am so grateful to you for showing us the way of life and traditions in Norway.

Solveig Hansen, Baltimore, MD

My sister and I read Little House on the Fjord together. We love Tulla and her sister Eva. Will you please write another book and tell us more.

Jane Halvorseon, Missoula, MT

I loved your book, Little House on the Fjord. I am nine years old and I wish I could live on an island like you did.

Peter Jones, Beaverton, OR
Christmas in Norway

We watched Christmas in Norway last evening and it is truly an outstanding creation. The manner in which the customs and traditions of Christmas in Norway was presented shows that you are very extraordinary director. My wife also owns your excellent cookbook, Authentic Norwegian Cooking.

Richard A. Williams, MD, Los Angeles, CA

Just watched your beautiful tape, Christmas in Norway, which I borrowed from, Sons of Norway. I want to buy a copy so my children and grandchildren can share this at holiday time. I want to watch it many more times.

Elsa Dickersen, Bremerton, WA

Just a note to tell you how much we enjoyed your Christmas in Norway tape. We watched it last night for a second time savoring it even more if that is possible. Coverage is excellent on all phases –the country, the people, customs and traditions.

Myrtle Dwyer, Astoria, OR

The customs of the Christmas in Norway DVD was absolutely beautiful. I have watched it 17 times already!

Mary Fjellhammer, Fountain Valley, CA

Thank you for the two DVD’s Christmas in Norway and Cooking Norway Style. I am convinced that they will contribute in our work to make Norway known in this part of the United States.

Anfin Ullern, Consul General - Minneapolis, MN

I have enjoyed reading your beautiful cookbook, Authentic Norwegian Cooking. It is very informative and, by the way, I am making ribbe this afternoon, following your recipe very carefully. We have seen Christmas in Norway, which is a wonderful DVD, and I am impressed how it was a cross-section of Christmas celebrations in Norway. May I congratulate you on a perfect creation.

Hans R. Wilhelmsen, M.D., Baltimore, MD

I received the DVD’s, Christmas in Norway and Cooking Norway Style. They are charming and informative… very full of warmth and good living, they capture Norway at its best.

Inger Stover, Atlanta, Georgia
Christmas in Norway and Cooking Norway Style (DVD’s)

FILM ADVISORY BOARD, INC. is pleased to announce its reviewing committee has voted its AWARD OF EXCELLENCE to the two DVD’s “CHRISTMAS IN NORWAY” and “COOKING NORWAY STYLE”. In making the announcement of the awards, FILM ADVISORY BOARD, INC.’s president and founder, Elayne Blythe remarked of “CHRISTMAS IN NORWAY”, ‘Charming, educational and entertaining, with scenery as beautiful as a brilliant painting.’ and of “COOKING NORWAY STYLE” Scrumptious recipes. It will make your taste buds dance. Both DVD’s would make delightful additions to any home, school or public library. Praise to Astrid Karlsen Scott, Producer/Director, for bringing these wonderful DVD’s to light.’ You are to be commended for putting out such a heart-warming DVD.

Katherine B Tillman, Austin , TX

We want to sincerely thank you for being a part of the Smithsonian and for presenting such a quality program on Norway. You made the workshop very special and so much fun, from the DVD segments on the nisse, (Christmas Elf) to the craft projects, to the delightful songs around the tree, to the visiting nisse at the end the day. It was a pleasure to have you share your knowledge and experience of Christmas time in Norway with us.

Averi Levitt, Program Coordinator The Smithsonian Associates

I just want to say we enjoyed the, Christmas in Norway tape so much. You folks outdid yourself on this one. It was just great.

Glenn Graves, Carlisle, MA

love Cooking Norway Style. The wonderful recipes brings back memories if my wonderful grandmother. I have looked for recipes like she used to make, and now I have them. I am ecstatic.
Thank you sincerely,

Eva Tanberger, Newton, MA

You have created a masterpiece. I watched Christmas in Norway with two of my colleagues here, and I noticed that they wee charmed, moved and amused as the segments were presented. You had filmed a great variety of activities-I am sure- intended emphasis on that which is good and traditional. We all left the room feeling we now have an excellent Christmas program to recommend to our members, one which will edify and give joy.

Liv Dahl, Manager Heritage Programs, Sons of Norway